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Personal Fitness & Rehabilitation’s (PFR) Approach to Physical Therapy

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PFR Physical Therapists are trained specifically to improve movement and function, relieve pain, and expand movement potential. Physical therapy is often the treatment of choice in situations where pain impairs function, in recovering from an injury or surgery, and in recovering from a disease process or illness.

We know there is an inverse relationship between function and pain. The more function a patient experiences, the less pain that same patient enjoys. And vice versa. The more pain, the less function. Our Physical therapists work in conjunction with our medical staff to help manage overall health and to reduce the impact of obesity on joint function. They also work with our fitness team to gain the positive benefits from functional fitness training. PFR physical therapists work to alleviate pain and prevent injury in conjunction with our wellness coaches. Oversight and communication throughout our entire team are paramount to our patients to maintain a healthy lifestyle and to prevent injuries. The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) believes that orthopaedic surgeons and patients should maintain an open dialogue about the detrimental effects of obesity on musculoskeletal health, and its increased risks on orthopaedic pre- and post-surgical complications and inferior outcomes illustrated in the below image.