PFR | Physical Therapy

Personal Fitness & Rehabilitation’s (PFR) Approach to Physical Therapy

PFR | Physical Therapy

The Physical Therapist at PFR is tasked to restore function and pain free movement patterns. The goal is to facilitate a transition to a functional wellness program and promote a positive lifestyle change for each individual who participates in our program.

PFR Physical Therapists communicate regularly with other providers in an individual’s care to maximize his or her benefit at each visit and ensure a safe transition to a functional training regimen. We promote and reinforce a positive and strong mindset for optimal functional outcomes.

Our physical therapists work in between PFR Medicine and Functional Training. PFR Medicine facilitates a care transition to physical therapy as appropriate and performs regular checkups and reassessments to ensure forward progress. PFR Physical Therapists act as the conduit to RETURN a Performance Athlete to Play or Return an ailing, hurting patient to Better Quality of Life. Medicine lays the foundation to identify root causes of disease or dysfunction.

PFR Performance educates individuals on the importance of persistence, hard work, and self-motivation in daily pursuing wellness. They show individuals how to safely and correctly perform functional movement training for improved strength, balance, and coordination. They communicate regularly with PFR Physical Therapy and PFR Medicine to identify precautions, monitor progress, and adjust/modify activities as needed. PFR Performance expects individuals to want to better themselves and to work hard daily playing a critical role in maintaining and progressing optimal function and quality of life.