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PFR | Performance

Personal Fitness & Rehabilitation’s (PFR) Approach to Fitness


To assist in the complete development of our athletes and their quest for personal and professional excellence in their lives. We deliver the finest performance program with the intent to:

  1. REDUCE your injury risk
  2. OPTIMIZE your overall development
  3. IMPACT your daily success
  4. IMPROVE your overall health and well-being.

We are committed to:



To be recognized as the most structured, passionate and elite Sports Performance program in the nation. Through a comprehensive and scientifically based program, the Sports Performance staff will reduce the risk of injury while improving all components necessary to allow each athlete to reach their maximal performance. Results will not only be focused on individual awards achieved, but also the by-products of successful teamwork, work ethic and pride.


Optimal performance for any task requires more than peak physical conditioning. PFR Coaches must exemplify strong personal skills to meet the variety of emotional, mental and spiritual demands. It is the responsibility of the Sports Performance Staff to embody and educate the 10- Pillars of Performance throughout all aspects of their professional and personal lives.


It is knowing that a team is not afraid to ask for help and make mistakes. It is accepting questions and embracing its answers. Trust is the framework which keeps a team together, especially when times are challenged. When a team rests its foundation on trust, it will undoubtedly lead to success.


It is having the courage and confidence to vocalize sensitive issues for the better of the team. It is trusting the members of your team to provide you with what you need to hear, whether you like it or not. Conflict is the challenge necessary to develop and grow the unbreakable bond of teamwork. As iron sharpens iron, teammates much sharpen each other.


It is the unity amongst team members regardless of what lies ahead. It is the sense of clarity around future obstacles and issues. It is the belief in a program, message and way of life. Commitment is discovered in the midst of adversity. When uncertainty is present, what will unify a team together?


It is counting on your teammates do to the right thing, at the right time, every time. It is taking responsibility for every individual and group action. Accountability is the benchmark for higher standards of performance and behavior. When teammates keep each other accountable, the bar will continually rise to a higher level.


It is accomplishing a task with a concern for all areas involved, no matter how small. It is accomplishing great things by approaching everything that is done as if it were of great importance. Attention to detail requires that everything counts; there are no “little things.” The greatest accomplishment is simply an accumulation of small details. When every detail is attended to, the end result will be comprised of the highest quality.


It is the ability to put the interests of others before your own. It is leading at the highest level by serving at the lowest. Selflessness from each individual creates an identity for one purpose and one purpose only, the team. It is making the largest individual sacrifice possible for the best interest of the team’s goals.


It is doing what you are supposed to be do, at the time you are supposed to do it in the best possible manner, whether you like it or not. It includes the ability to perform with excellence at a moment’s notice. Self-discipline is doing what you don’t want to do so that at that one precise moment, you can achieve exactly what you want to do.


It is doing the right thing all the time, even if it may work to your disadvantage. It is determining whether or not you want to act through a system of concrete values or negotiating compromises. Integrity sets the foundation for every decision you make throughout your entire life. A person of integrity acts through truth, character and morals.


It is the never-ending fight against complacency. It is constantly taking advantage of every opportunity and challenge while accomplishing something important each and every day. Urgency is NOW, not later. It must be created, increased and then constantly re-created. Success is never final.


It is the ability to believe in actions. It is having faith in yourself and those around you to accomplish any challenge placed ahead. Confidence is the feeling of control. It is the culmination of all your physical, mental and emotional training to achieve one objective; excellence.

Empathy, social awareness, tact, trustworthy, body language.