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Eric Hammer - PFR Performance

Eric Hammer

Eric earned his Master of Science, Exercise Science from the University of Nebraska at Omaha where he is a native. Eric spent 13 years as a collegiate sports and performance coach, at the University of Nebraska Omaha and the University of Louisville, and has spent more than three years in private sector sports performance/adult training/professional athletes. He loves to impact individuals and teams not only with their physical goals and aspirations, but also with their mentality and direct approach to their goals.

Julia Kennedy is a trainer at PFR performance

Julia Kennedy
Group Fitness Certification, Spinning Certification, First Aid CPR, BLS

Fitness truly is my passion, it has gotten me through some of the toughest times.  After beating cancer at the age of 37 I took a leap of faith and decided to dedicate my days to fitness full-time. Coaching allows me to motivate an individual or a group in a positive way…to help build their confidence, as well as their physical and mental strength, by helping them set achievable goals and teaching them skills and healthy habits that will benefit them for a lifetime. 

Griffin Uhl Is a trainer at PFR performance

Griffin Uhl
CSCS, First Aid CPR

Griffin Uhl earned his Bachelor of Science, Health and Human Performance, Exercise Science from the University of Louisville. He was a sports performance intern at Bellarmine University as sports performance intern at The Citadel, and lastly, Griffin was a sports performance volunteer assistant at Bellarmine University.

A native of Henryville, Indiana, at the age of 13, Griffin developed an interest in strength and conditioning because of football. Shortly after, his interest in strength and conditioning overcame his interest in football, and he decided that it was what he wanted to do with his life after college. Griffin played football for four years at U of L.

Griffin also completed his first internship at Bellarmine University. Post-graduation, he took a summer internship at The Citadel in Charleston, South Carolina, to continue his education and improve his resumé. When he came back, he immediately took the CSCS test and became certified. Griffin went back to Bellarmine to continue coaching, whether it was paid or not, and he learned about Baptist Health Performance Training. It looked like a great fit for him, so I decided to join the team. It has been a great experience. I look forward to coaching athletes and continuing his education daily. 

Chris Reader is a personal trainer at PFR performance

Chris Reader

Chris is a certified Strength Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and a performance analyst through the National Strength and Conditioning Association and the International Society of Performance Analytics in Sport (ISPAS). He earned his master’s degree in Exercise Physiology from the University of Louisville, and earned his Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Exercise Science from Bellarmine University. At the University of Louisville, Chris worked as a graduate research assistant as well as a Performance Analyst intern with Olympic Sports.

Brock Martin is a trainer at PFR performance

Brock Martin
ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist, First Aid & AED Certified


Bachelor of Science, Kinesiology – Exercise Science, University of Indianapolis
Master of Science, Exercise Physiology – Strength & Conditioning, University of Louisville (expected 2020)


ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist
First Aid & AED Certified

Relevant Experience:

During my time at University of Indianapolis, I completed various strength & conditioning internships at private sector sports performance facilities in the area. After obtaining a paid position following receiving my undergraduate degree, I have been able to accumulate hands-on experience training and coaching individuals of various populations, such as high school/college/professional athletes, weekend warriors, tactical personnel, Special Olympic athletes, and more. I also have extensive experience in the strength sports: Powerlifting, Olympic-style weightlifting, and strongman.

Professional Interests

My interests in strength & conditioning span across various avenues, but I am mainly interested in the physiological mechanisms behind strength training and how these directly translate to improvements in sports performance. I also enjoy furthering my knowledge in the psychological aspects of coaching, specifically in connecting with my athletes/clients and encouraging them to ‘buy-in’ to their physical and athletic improvement.

Personal Hobbies:

When I am not coaching, I enjoy training for powerlifting, spending time with friends & family and trying new food. When I get some downtime I also enjoy listening to podcasts of varying topics, such as fitness, psychology, philosophy and more.

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Derek Dozier

Experience: Bachelors Degree in Health and Movement Studies from Hanover College. Played 4 years of football at the collegiate level before returning home to coach high school football as well the strength and conditioning coach at Eastern High School.

Certifications: CSCS
Professional interest: To educate athletes on proper training protocols and techniques and to help other young athletes who wish to become a part of this field learn and grow starting early. From the football side of things, continuing to grow in the community and the college scene to continue to help kids take their abilities and talents to the next level.
Personal Hobbies: working out, being outdoors, cooking

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John Stich

Simpsonville Kentucky native and played football 4 years at the University of Louisville. Developed an interest in strength and conditioning upon playing football in high school. 


Internship at Baptist Health Performance Training for a year and a half before employment.

Professional interest:

To become a strength coach at a colligate level football program.