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Life Ready


Our lifeATHLETE is not just a fitness class – it is an ongoing exploration into unleashing the best you. What makes this class special is the ability to accommodate any strength or fitness level. lifeATHLETE combines the modalities of Russian Kettlebells, dumbbells, body weight exercises, medicine balls, sandbags, power ropes, TRX suspension training, plyometrics, mace’s, and other non-traditional strength regimens to provide a fun, effective, high intensity workout. There is simply nothing else like it in Louisville. Our progressive exercise methodology allows participants to train effectively at their own fitness level and then progress as far as they want.
Classes are structured so training sessions are varied day to day and week to week. Variations of exercise movements are progressed over time. Each 60-minute high intensity lifeATHLETE session will always include a combination of:

  • Movement and mobility
  • Metabolic Strength training
  • Interval energy systems development

We are always improving, evolving and growing to meet the needs of our clientele.  This program was designed for people from all walks of life, including: serious athletes, tactical operators or anyone looking to get a competitive edge in their lives!

Regardless of age, gender or ability…from beginner to recreational fitness junkie to professional athlete, lifeATHLETE will boost your strength and conditioning to new levels. If you are looking to increase lean muscle mass, boost your energy levels, eliminate pain, develop a more powerful, confidence and enthusiastic you – show up, do the work and lifeATHLETE will deliver the results.


lifeSTRENGTH is a comprehensive training plan and community designed for the re-structuring of strong, efficient, fast, and powerful adults. With performance at the forefront, the emergence of lifeSTRENGTH is a necessity to anyone who is looking to make an impact on his / her goals whether they are fat loss or overall strength. lifeSTRENGTH program will not get you bulky in fact our results are quite the opposite. lifeSTRENGTH builds lean muscle mass and increases your ability to burn and lose fat.

Pre-planned Training Cycles (4,6, 8, 12-weeks)
Plyometric Training
Core Training
Functional Strength Training – teaching barbell movements
Flexible class schedule
Motivating, Team-Orientated Environment
Nutritional Advice


Our lifeMETABOLIC class is a program specifically designed for energy system development. We base our methodology off of heart rate zones, and the different energy systems utilizing each zone. Our 60-minute metabolic attack will train you in many different ways. This class incorporates our cardio equipment as its main source of modalities. We rotate between our keiser M3i bikes, Concept 2 Rowers, Versa-climbers, Assault Air Runners, Infinity Rope Trainers, Keiser M5 Striders, and our Legend Push Sleds.

Each day is a different rotation between the aerobic, and anaerobic energy system utilizing different time, and intensity variations to elicit a specific training effect to improve your cardiovascular system, and overall lean body mass.


Our Adult Recovery and Core class is a hybrid of yoga, pilates, and self-myofascial release. This class is not your typical yoga-ish class. We will focus on movement in all three planes of motion with several modalities used within the 60-min class to elicit an increase in flexibility, mobility, and overall recovery.

People love to workout, and workout hard these days! That is why our lifeRECOVERY class is a fixture in our arsenal of training options. Your ability to recover from strenuous workouts dictates your bodies capabilities to adapt and ultimately reach your goals of weight management, fat loss, or even increases in strength.

This mixture of stretching, mobilization, and self-myofascial work is based on what the current trends in fitness are showing actually work. The method behind the madness will allow you to eventually get into and out of everyday positions better, more efficiently, and more often whether you are coming off of injury or are just getting up there in age and ability.