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PFR | PERFORMANCE is a private training center synergized by its system of coaching that is
assessment based, athlete centered, coach driven, and performance focused.

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PFR | PERFORMANCE is a private training center synergized by its system of coaching that is assessment based, athlete centered, coach driven, and performance focused. We specialize in the complete development of today’s everyday athlete by focusing on self-esteem, mental strength, and physical authority for success

Our coaches are certified professionals with a background and knowledge in training athletes with over 30-years’ experience working with athletes in various stages of their sports career; middle school, high school, college, and professional.

Our methodology is proactive and consistent for a seamless delivery of service lines. Everyone is committed to the shared process and shared outcomes, creating a greater impact for everyone.

Our mission is to provide sports specific training designed to enhance individual athlete’s performance.

We believe in training the whole athlete – physical, mental, and nutritional to:

  1. REDUCE the risk of injury
  2. OPTIMIZE your development, and
  3. IMPACT your daily performance.

You already know talent alone doesn’t win championships in life and we know that bigger, faster, and stronger alone is not enough! That’s why our philosophy is developing the anatomy of a champion – mind, body, and spirit. We are invested in a training approach that EDUCATES, MOTIVATES, INSPIRES, and EMPOWERS everyone.

Sport Ready

Fitness training for optimum performance in YOUR SPORT.

Life Ready

Fitness training for optimum performance in YOUR LIFE!


ATHLETE CENTERED – It takes a village to develop the best overall athlete, and we are committed to utilizing every last resource available to accomplish our goals.

ASSESSMENT BASED – Training success means knowing where you are starting from. Our comprehensive individual assessment dictates what we do to help you reach your goals.

COACH DRIVEN – The coach is the bus driver – meaning we dictate culture, tempo, and overall training environment.
At the PFR | Performance our coaches have a diverse background in all kinds of sports.

PERFORMANCE FOCUSED – Ready for anything at anytime!

Our Coaches

Eric Hammer


Eric earned his Master of Science, Exercise Science from the University of Nebraska at Omaha where he is a native. Eric spent 13 years as a collegiate sports and performance coach, at the University of Nebraska Omaha and the University of Louisville, and has spent more than three years in private sector sports performance/adult training/professional athletes. He loves to impact individuals and teams not only with their physical goals and aspirations, but also with their mentality and direct approach to their goals.

Griffin Uhl

Griffin Uhl CSCS, First Aid CPR

Griffin Uhl earned his Bachelor of Science, Health and Human Performance, Exercise Science from the University of Louisville. He was a sports performance intern at Bellarmine University as sports performance intern at The Citadel, and lastly, Griffin was a sports performance volunteer assistant at Bellarmine University.

A native of Henryville, Indiana, at the age of 13, Griffin developed an interest in strength and conditioning because of football. Shortly after, his interest in strength and conditioning overcame his interest in football, and he decided that it was what he wanted to do with his life after college. Griffin played football for four years at U of L.

Griffin also completed his first internship at Bellarmine University. Post-graduation, he took a summer internship at The Citadel in Charleston, South Carolina, to continue his education and improve his resumé. When he came back, he immediately took the CSCS test and became certified. Griffin went back to Bellarmine to continue coaching, whether it was paid or not, and he learned about Baptist Health Performance Training. It looked like a great fit for him, so I decided to join the team. It has been a great experience. I look forward to coaching athletes and continuing his education daily. 

Chris Reader

Chris Reader MS, CSCS, ISPAS-Level 2

Chris is a certified Strength Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and a performance analyst through the National Strength and Conditioning Association and the International Society of Performance Analytics in Sport (ISPAS). He earned his master’s degree in Exercise Physiology from the University of Louisville, and earned his Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Exercise Science from Bellarmine University. At the University of Louisville, Chris worked as a graduate research assistant as well as a Performance Analyst intern with Olympic Sports.