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PFR | Medicine

Personal Fitness & Rehabilitation’s (PFR) Approach to Medicine

PFR | Medicine Solutions

Personal Fitness & Rehabilitation was conceived to optimize patient care. Whether you are potential surgical patients who, based on current health status, do not yet meet criteria, an athlete working to further push oneself or simply an active person looking to maximize your efforts, PFR | Medicine can help. After years of refining this concept, our Team identified many opportunities in which to accomplish this goal. By implementing an Integrative Medicine model, our clinicians, physical therapists, wellness coaches and Patient Hosts will provide holistic, individualized, and patient-centered care.

We will partner with our patients to customize care based on diagnostic findings using state-of-the-art equipment, including:

  • CardioCoach CO2 Resting Metabolic Rate
  • VO2 Max testing.

These cutting-edge modalities, coupled with traditional laboratory testing, afford us unique insight into each patient’s individual orthopedic and metabolic identities. We use this data, along with evidence-based interventions including; medical weight management, hormone replacement therapy, to bolster our efforts and support positive outcomes. Our model is designed to guide patients through a 12-week program starting with our Functional Medicine Clinicians. We will perform a comprehensive medical exam, conduct Resting Metabolic Rate testing, check blood work, and implement weight management and nutrition counseling if indicated. Once we have determined that our patients are medically stable, we will transition them to our Physical Therapists where functional movement can be assessed and baselines established.

After baselines have been established, a functional movement screen is performed to standardize movement patterns. This allows our Physical Therapists to communicate effectively with our Wellness Coaches who are certified personal trainers. The goal is to introduce the basics of functional movement to safely allow the patients to reach their exercise and lifestyle goals.